This easy at-home screening will help you check for hearing problems. It is also intended to give you an idea of what some parts of a hearing evaluation might be like.

Of course, any online hearing test is no substitute for a hearing screening by a hearing professional like an audiologist, hearing aid specialist or ENT doctor. (Please note that your results may not reflect your true hearing difficulties due to the quiet environment of your home or office.)

At the end of the hearing test you will see your results and next steps.

‘Self Service Hearing Test Device’
Document No: 2009-G-190919
BARCODE NO: 8699197542664

You can learn how much you aren’t hearing by doing a hearing test with Self Service Hearing Test by yourself .
If you want to learn whether you live hearing trouble or not, the simplest method of  understanding whether there is a hearing trouble or not, is to make a measurement with Self Service Hearing Test.
We believe that we have performed our studies useful for society with our invention Self Service Hearing Test Device.
Almost one billion people  in the world are living hearing trouble, although it isn’t certain figure almost one billion people in the world have hearing trouble.If a human has hearing loss by birth, he/she can be reintegrated to society by early fitting  hearing aid, and development of intelligence and tongue ability.
Most  people living hearing loss especially patient children are not able to buy hearing aides because of various bureaucratic impediments and financial impossibilities.
If adults don’t use hearing aides in time, their hearing loss increases, additionally ilnesses such as speaking defects, irritation and depression occur, hearing aid fitted at the beginning both prevents work loss and also impedes the occurrence of other illnesses.
Self Service Hearing Test Device is used to prevent hearing troubles and to meet hearing aides of other patients with hearing loss by collected Money.
Every establishment has responsibilities for society, institutional  social responsibility studies is the ones by which the establishments realize their responsibilities for society.
Purpose isn’t to introduce the establishment but to provide continuity being useful,
By setting out with this purpose,
Its usage is very easy and practical, for this reason everybody can use it easily, The only action to be done is;
Insert the headphone into your ears, at the moment you have heard the first sound with its voice and tones, Press the button of enter, follow the imaginary audiologist with a range of questions.
Start buton on which is pressed while starting to hearing test  does the duty of approval of hearing sound  by repressing. It is used to test hearing losses in different frequency channels of people in the shortest period. At the end of hearing test, an output report showing hearing loss is given to the relevant person by the device. Self Service Hearing Test Device is to help the Ear Nose Throat Physicians determine hearing losses of patients. Self Service Hearing Test Device gives an objective measurement in determination of hearing troubles. A Scanning Device of 40 seconds provides the control and evaluation of early entry lethality, prevention of unnecessary problems and a good life quality.
Self Service Hearing Test Device is intended to use early to determine and treat hearing loss.
Brief  Description of our device:
If you think that you have hearing loss you can have an idea by doing hearing testwith this Self Service Hearing Test  Device.
Hearing tests of Self Service Hearing Test Device are extremely important to determine ear illnesses and present solutions by preinformation.
Self Service Hearing Test Devices are located at the normal daily living areas of people such as airports, auto terminals, shopping centres, metro, etc.
Self Service Hearing Test Device emphizes brand familiarness and extension of Hearing Aid Firms and the importance given to hearing health by them.
Self Service Hearing Test Device will extremely help for the firm introduction campaigns and advertisements and other activities in recahing target groups.
Self Service Hearing Test Device is a  social responsibility Project.
Reporting of Self Service Hearing Test Device
At the seciton of test result, one of Standard results is determined.
If you have a problem in your ears, there is possibility to see it on the output report.

Self Service Hearing Test is a tool used to calculate hearing test. Scaning test is very competent for many people. But is not a certain measurement. However scaning test can wrongly calculate hearingloss for old peoples. If you have a hearing trouble , see your doctor.
This device has examined by medical specialists and is aimed for general training. It is not a medical advice. Decisions is not made about your health according to the output reports given by this device. Always  consult to your doctor by taking your  position and conditions into consideration.
Legal Warning: This is not a formal and certain result of hearin test. We advice you to see your doctor at a suspicious position.
Our property rights is reserved related with our compensation demand and our certificate of useful model against to producers and importers of Self Service Hearing Test Devices without premission from our firm.
TURKISH  PATENT  INSTITUTE: Invention is related with device opreted by 1 TL or jeton  fort he people to do their hearing test by the method of self service hearing test in the sector of hearing health.
The only action to be done is;
Insert the headphone into your ears, at the moment you have heard the first sound with its voice and tones, Press the button of enter, follow the imaginary audiologist with a range of questions.

LORECa being second firm making activity in production of hearing aides in Turkey, targets with Hearing disabled and their families Association to help the people with hearing loss in financial difficulties to purchase hearing aides with the amounts collected by its Kiosks of which self service hearing test  operating 1 TL or jetton, produced by us, patented with its last Project by Turkish Patent Institute.

Generally called audiometric tests, hearing test is extremely important to determine ear illnesses, In diagnosis and treatment of the illnesses, these tests are often applied. There are a lot of tests used in this meaning, each of them informs on different subjects. Doctor determines the necessary test for the patient according to her/his complaints, finding of examination and other detection results. Those are tests often  used ;
PURE TONE AUDIOMETRY: It is the test often used, it determines the marginal sound heard in different frequencies by two ears. Patient is set in a slient cabin. Sound is given to ear of patient by a headphone. Patient points by pointing the buton when she/he has heard the sound, so, the level of sound she/he has heard is determined. At this measurement, hearing levels of air way and bone way are determined. The measurement of air way informs the hearing ways from ear pavilion to brain, bone way informs about inside of ear. Which ear the hearing loss originating from is determined by looking at the measurements of air way and bone way. If there is a loss in hearing only air way it is ‘transmittance type, hearing loss’, if there is a hearing loss at the same degree both air way and bone way it is ‘sensoryneural hearing loss, if there is hearing loss mostly in air way and normal in bone way it is ‘mixed type hearing loss’. Tansmittance type hearing loss occurs in the outer and middle ear illnesses, sensoryneural hearing loss occurs in inside ear illnesses. More information about these hearing loss is mentioned in the part of hearing loss. Hearing level is measured as decibel (dB),


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